Kettlercise is a non stop class, with awesome tunes, unlike any Kettlebell workout you've done before.  You'll use the Kettlebell throughout the main body of the session.  

It maximizes calorie burn, destroying fat super quick!

It gets results
It melts fat
It redefines your abs
It increases lean, toned muscle for more sculpted appearance
It's THE ALL over body transform fat loss & toning program
It's already a proven success
It's safe & effective
It destroys the myth that you need heavy weights to get the results that you want
It's fun
It covers all levels of fitness beginner to advance

Hill Training Workshops

Weekly Hill Training workshops to

aid improvements in hill technique.  To improve overall efficiency, tackle technical terrain better, learn to prepare well for trail events. Incorporate running drills, speed and strength work.  Improve overall speed endurance.



Exploring different locations, you'll . strengthen all those key areas needed to improve your running or overall fitness.
It's intense but such fun, with lots of giggles along the way that helps us motivate each other.

A 3 to 5k run interspersed with High Intensity Interval Training.

Dynamic Movement Skills

DMS can be done alongside a running assessment or on it's own.

DMS is an awesome movement methodology for children & adults. It helps develop, refine & improve gross motor skills, co-ordination, agility & quickness.   DMS helps to develop the neuromuscular system not only how to move but how fast to move, developing movement & performance.  It is also used in injury prevention, movement re-patterning, post injury, dyspraxia etc 

Phone : 07790 772431
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