We are on a mission to encourage #MoveForLife in order to improve general health and create a sense of well-being whilst building mental health, strengthening resilience and improving overall confidence through running.
We offer a series of Half Marathon cumulative running events to encourage everyone to get moving and active as part of the daily routine, whilst getting outdoors more and reducing screen time.
Half Marathon: You can run 12 miles in your own time, then join us at an event across the country nationwide to run your last 1.1 mile (for Half Marathon) with us. This will take place at a large venue or outdoor running track event.
You can enter as a school entry or through direct entry with us.
You can see our national locations here, which we are adding to all the time!
Join us! #MoveForLife
EMAIL:  debbie@schoolshalfmarathon.co.uk

Phone : 07790 772431

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